August 1, 2014

Indentured Servant or Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom & Extra IncomeAn important element to the concept of New Wave Slave, is the ability to “break the chains that bind”.  One of the most visible ways we are in held in bondage is in our personal finances.  If we are completely dependent on someone else for our income, we are subjecting ourselves to their will and suppressing our personal freedom and desires.  In order to break the chains of financial bondage, one must become financially independent and completely debt free, or at least to start heading in that direction.   This article will focus on earning additional income and becoming financially independent.  How does one start that process?  Well, that is what this article is about…

Perspective on Traditional Employment

The vast majority of the people today in the United States are employees at a company or small business.  They trade their time and value, for a pre-determined paycheck at the end of the week.  Their entire livelihood and their families future, are dependent upon someone else (the company) continuing to employ their services and provide a wage/income for their time.  This is a classic “trade time for money” scenario and is not unlike a modern day indentured servant.

The employee mentality has been ingrained in us from infancy through college and beyond.  We have all heard the phrase:  “Go to college, get a good education, so you can find a good job”.  At one time, that approach gave the desired results for millions of people.  Today, that approach isn’t working so well.

What exactly is an employee?

An employee is one who is hired at a specified price (wage) to perform a specific job.  The next question becomes:  What is a job?

1. A piece of work, esp. a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price
2. A post of employment; full-time or part-time position
3. Anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility
4. The execution or performance of a task

Once you read the definition of what a job really is, it doesn’t sound so great does it?  I believe we have made a huge mistake in the United States by teaching generation after generation the most important goal and aspect of their lives is to get a “good” job.  Why is that a mistake???  Because we have taught that it is natural to depend on another person or company for our living.  In a sense, it is learned helplessness to think that we can’t earn a living without the aid of an employer.

Employment through the eyes of Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson viewed employment as a form of economic enslavement because the employee is dependent upon the employer for their living. The employer has the ability to exert control, and the employees are likely to submit because of the dependence on their income. However, if one is self sufficient, they have full liberty to prosper in direct proportion to the amount of value created.  The more value they create, the more they are paid.

An employee is one who “rents” out their labor in exchange for a wage. This view of rent is known as comparative advantage and was developed by economist David Ricardo. He states that wages tend in the direction of subsistence in order for the employer to maximize profits. (Do you know what J-O-B stands for? Just Over Broke…) Thomas Jefferson believed that true liberty, is by the creation of your livelihood by owning your labor and output and not just “renting it out”. Thomas Jefferson fought for liberty, not for jobs.

I can’t Quit My Job, I need the income

This article isn’t about me trying to tell you to quit your job.  Far from it…  This article is about the reality of the nature of employment and the price we pay to participate in that system.  If you are willing to make the trade off of being paid less than the value you create, not being in control of your own time, and be subjected to the whims of your boss for a nice job title and false sense of job security, then being an employee may be best for you.  Just remember, the instant that you/your position is no longer profitable for the company, you are out of there.  You may get two weeks severance and a tired excuse about how “the economy ain’t what it used to be”, while they pat you on the head and escort you out the door.   Don’t put your financial future in someone else’s hands.  There is an option and you do have a choice.

Paradigm Shift – Breaking the Chains that Bind…

Do not become “married” to your job and do not become a modern day indentured servant to your boss or company.  View it as a means to an end.  You are working to make money to provide a certain type of lifestyle for you and your family.  I urge you to NOT consider yourself a “company man” or put your job and/or company ahead of yourself and your family due to a sense loyalty between you and the company.  The employer/employee relationship is completely one sided and I think most people accept that fact.  (even if they don’t verbalize it) Always keep in mind, the only loyalty that exists to the company is the bottom line and if you make them more money than you cost them.  The minute that ratio is not in the company’s favor, you are out.

It is time to become less dependent on your job as your only income, and begin the process of creating an additional income in your spare time.  There are literally an unlimited number of ways to make extra money that only takes a few hours per week.  The internet, if used correctly, provides an outlet to the entire world for your good or service and it is time to take action.  Would you notice an extra $500 to a $1,000 per month?  More than likely, the answer is YES.

Once you begin to an earn additional income outside of your job, you are on your way to being in charge of your financial future.  You will become less dependent on the income from your job, and you will see your job as something you CHOOSE TO DO, rather than something you HAVE TO DO.  That my friend, is the beginning of economic freedom and is how you “Break  the Chains that Bind…”

Forthcoming Articles…

I have been self-employed for 7 years and I will make more of an effort to share my experiences on how you can learn to be an entrepreneur and make an extra income or even replace your income.  It is not my objective to sell you anything, but it is my sincere desire to share my experience as an entrepreneur and internet marketer for those who are looking to Have, Do, and Become more.  Stay tuned!

Breaking the Chains that Bind,